The Next Chapter: Parachute Health

I’ve had the privilege to build products that connect people across oceans, products that generate cultural through lines, and products that pull young voters into public policy. I’ve worked for entrepreneurs, philosophers, bankers, government offices, lawyers, and cultural icons. And throughout out it all, and without a doubt, every project has taught me so much. The shared lesson of these experiences is clear: how to create. I learned how to take an entrepreneur’s enthusiasm and turn it into groundwork for digital products, measurable impact, and positive user outcomes.

I’m starting a new chapter because I think it’s time for a new lesson: how to grow. Early stage startups build products that seek users. Later stage startups build products that users are seeking. I’m incredibly excited to work on the other side of the curve and support a growth stage company working to provide for an entire market. That’s why I’m excited to announce that I’m now a product manager at Parachute Health. I’m joining a talented team that is working to simplify, increase transparency into, and build access to healthcare ordering.

I want to thank every entrepreneur who took a bet on me and every person who came to work with me. I’m especially thankful for the team at Tastemakers Africa, my work home for the last two years and a true force for cultural connection, opportunity, and Black excellence. Tastemakers’ founder, Cheraé Robinson, is the example of a humble, hard working and mission-driven founder — I’m honored to call her a mentor and a friend. Together, we built so much, and Tastemakers continues to show the world the power and reach of Black culture and experience.

Now on to new challenges and new lessons — building the next generation of healthcare technology with Parachute. I don’t plan on leaving behind the startup communities that have supported me along the way. Instead, I’m excited for the opportunity to dive deep into the healthcare challenges we face in this country with all the innovation, motivation, and mission of the right startup for the job.

For entrepreneurs still interested in product building advice — I’m here! For anyone interested in learning more about Parachute (we’re hiring!) — please reach out!

Software engineer, entrepreneur, and technologist advising founders and diving deep on projects that support ideas, community, and democracy.