Startup Product Building 101

A product-building guide for startup founders

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🤷‍♂️ What is this?

🔍 Some Definitions (to get us on the same page)

✏️ Lesson 1: Building Products is Hard (but we knew that)

Not really, but’s let’s dive in anyway (via
Product building is like an onion (via

✏️ Lesson 2: You Don’t Need a CTO

The internet telling you how necessary it is to find a CTO (you don’t have to listen)

✏️ Lesson 3: Start Small and Iterate

Lean Startup by Eric Ries

✏️ Lesson 4: Your Business Goals == Your Product Goals (and they should be simple)

When you know you’ve got the right analytics for your company (via

✏️ Lesson 5: Stick With Your Gut

Sometimes running a startup comes down to trusting the process (via

👋 What Comes Next?

If you’re excited, so am I (via

🗺 Appendix

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